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As our city has grown and changed, so has our community and we are ready to bring true representation to our local government. We believe that the Mayor and City Council should serve and represent the interests of our community, and our future. Whether you’re a working professional or retiree, a recent immigrant or a lifelong resident, a young family seeking great schools or young people seeking a great nightlife in a safe city, this is our Novi and all of our voices matter.

Aaron Martinez is running to be the next Mayor of Novi. Aaron is a 30 year resident of the city, and has seen the changes Novi has experienced first hand. As a long time advocate and an attorney, he has spent his life working to improve the lives of residents in Novi and throughout Michigan before courts and the Legislature. Our city faces new challenges which require a fresh perspective and an open mind for ambitious goals. He is committed to using his experience in government to advance the causes that Novi residents value most - public safety, sustainability, and innovation. Let’s get to work!

Matt Heintz, OurNovi

Matthew Heintz is running for Novi City Council. Matt is a dedicated father of two girls, a scientist and medical writer, and a steward of Novi’s natural resources. He was drawn to public service because of his desire to positively impact the future of our beautiful, diverse community for his daughters and for all of our residents. Matt's ability to digest complex information, use data to drive decision-making, and communicate clearly will bring clarity and collaboration to Novi's government.

Sujata Raman is running for Novi City Council. Sujata is the mom of a son and a daughter, a first-generation Indian American, an accomplished attorney who has practiced before the Michigan Supreme Court, and a director of business operations for a Novi-based medical practice. She is inspired to run because she knows that local government thrives when it is accessible and reflects the diversity and experiences of its residents. Parenting two kids alongside her professional career has allowed Sujata to develop the ability to listen to the needs of others and to find creative solutions. Her calm approach, her connections with the Indian community, and her keen intellect will bring new vision to Novi’s government.

Sujata Raman OurNovi

We have heard from so many proud Novi residents who recognize that our city government has become too exclusive to adequately represent the needs of our community. Over the weeks and months to come, we look forward to sharing with residents our vision for Novi’s collaborative future. We are excited to hear of all the reasons why you chose Novi as your home, and how our city can do more to uplift your family, respect our first responders, and deliver results for our changing community. Together, we are confident that we can bring new vitality and true representation to our city leadership.  Our community, our future deserves to be shaped by all of our residents, not behind closed doors. This is Our Novi, and we would be honored to have the opportunity to serve each of you.

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