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An inclusive 

Novi residents come from many different backgrounds. It’s time our city leadership reflects and includes the diverse voices and experiences of our community. Whether you are a lifelong resident or recent immigrant, a retiree or young professional, a renter or a homeowner, you are part of our community and your voice matters.  We are at our best when  we come together to listen and learn from each other with a shared goal of making our city a better place to live. 

reflecting novi's diversity in decision making

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Novi’s residents have a wide range of experiences, history, cultures and values, and yet each of us chose to make Novi home because we saw the promise  this city  held for our families. Our city leadership, our boards and our commissions should reflect the diversity of our city and include many voices and viewpoints.

planning with every resident in mind

We know that our residents have expertise and insights that are needed for City Council to truly serve our community. When we are making decisions, we’ll be listening to you and welcoming your involvement because we understand that the people closest to the solution are those closest to the issue. 

accessible and proactive leadership


Your daily life is directly impacted by your local leadership. Residents deserve leaders who listen to them with respect and who make time to connect. We know that we can learn from each of you and we’ll make sure you have both in-person and virtual opportunities to share your concerns and collaborate with us to find solutions. 

expanding access to public meetings

The City of Novi established Studio No.VI after exiting the Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission (SWOCC). The studio broadcasts city council meetings and special events, allowing residents to stay informed even if they can’t attend a meeting in person. However, only meetings held in Council Chambers are currently broadcast. We believe our community should be able to easily engage in our decision-making process and have access to meetings of our boards and commissions. We’ll support expanding Studio No.VI to increase your access to public meetings regardless of their location.

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