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As a young girl growing up in Michigan, my parents instilled in me a respect for others, an appreciation of differences, and a desire to use my gifts in service of others. When I look at my own children, I realize that I want them to have those same values - and I know I am not alone in this goal. I believe that most of us are ready to work together to build a community that is safe, connected, inclusive and sustainable.

I am a proud mother and wife, a lawyer and business professional, a first-generation Indian-American, and an active Novi resident. Novi's cultural diversity, community programs, and excellent educational opportunities are what brought our family here 12 years ago. Now, I'm running for Novi City Council because I believe it is time for our values, our experiences, and our work ethic to be represented in our local leadership.

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​My legal background and experience in business operations have honed my ability to listen to problems and to find creative solutions. These are the kinds of skills that our city needs now more than ever. Whether it is ensuring our fire stations remain fully staffed, or responding to resident concerns, I will use my experiences to bring accountability and a positive vision to Novi's government.​ I want what most Novi residents want: I want my children’s futures and the future of their hometown to be bright. I believe that our city leadership can be enhanced by ushering in fresh voices and energy. Each of us has a part to play in the future of our Novi - and I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to play mine. Together, we can lift up our community, our future for generations to come.

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